Preparing Against Child Abuse

Picture1Our children, we believe are facing a lot of traumas now a days. By traumas , we don’t mean failing in an exam or loosing a basketball match, but we are precisely talking about the threats, that are so severe and pervasive that they literally get under the skin and completely changes the child’s physiology.
We are talking about sexual abuse.

You know, one thing which is important for all of us to understand is, even though we read about child abuse, we talk about it, we are kind of aware about it, yet for a long long time, we view these things, in a way we are trained to view them.

Today if we see, children are not safe, they can be abused anytime or anywhere sexually. We have to ultimately empower our children to deal with any kind of unsafe situations.

Here is some data

  • Children of all ages are sexually abused.
  • Both boys and girls are equally abused.
  • In many cases it is a safe relative or friend who abuses the child.
  • Most parents have not done anything to prepare their child against abuse.
  • On top of that – most parents have no idea what to do when their child reports such a case.

​​Can we afford our children going through an abuse experience?  Is it not our responsibility to educate our children on how to prevent and fight the abuse!
House of Learning is DOING something about this. We conduct workshops at our centre and also at different schools to make parents (and teachers) aware, understand, prepare and empower themselves and their children against abuse.
This empowerment of both parents and the child becomes more important when you realise that, report says that 70% of these cases are never reported by children.

There are few ways :​

  • Attend our workshop on Empowering Children against sexual abuse. Email us for next workshop details.
  • Get your school/apartment/company to conduct this workshop.
  • Collaborate with us to take this message to millions – you could be part of mass media, or a responsible corporate (CSR initiative) or a child product company.
  • More ideas are welcome.

​​For any of the above contact us.