Curriculum support and designing

A well defined curriculum is extremely important for a preschool as the ages between the 0-6 years is probably the most important years in any individual’s life.

What do we mean by a curriculum in a preschool. Simply put, curriculum is a plan for learning. As part of the HOL’s curriculum, the main areas of development that have been identified are the following:

  • Senso-motor Development that includes daily life skills, fine motor skills, sensorial development and physical / gross motor skills.
  • Language Development including reading, listening, writing, communication, comprehension, grammar and more.
  • Cognitive Development including logical thinking and mathematics.
  • Creative Development including arts, music, creative expression and more.
  • Personality including independence, self discipline, social interactions and more.

The curriculum also provides for social interaction, physical development, celebrations, small group and large group activities.

The success of the curriculum will be in its implementation. Hence, it is extremely important that the teachers are trained properly to implement the curriculum. HOL solution places a lot of emphasis on teacher training. The training content is deep and covers numerous areas like – Overall curriculum objectives, methodology, teachers roles and responsibilities, not only in education but also in being power with the child’s needs and more.