Workshops For Teachers

pic-7First of all, we want to congratulate you on taking the first step of this journey towards becoming a great teacher!

Teachers are public people. Whether they realize it or not, they are always on display. Society expects teachers to be all and do all. Now a days schools are known by its name and more than that, it is known by people who are running it, be it Management, Teachers and all the people who are closely associated with kids. Even if we are trained for curriculum, class transactions, to communicate professionally, still there is an element left which is the personal warmth, personal bond, willingness to remain down to the kid’s level and hence making learning a joyful journey for them forever.

We at HOL kind of untrain teachers from their paradoxical beliefs and perspectives who are closely associated with kids. We can’t even describe you the exciting possibilities that waits for you as you move through our trainings and begin to come over to the other side of your learnings and experiences.

List of topics

Workshops that make Teaching more effective & exciting

  • Multiple Intelligences - Using MI to make classes more interactive & interesting.
  • Learning Styles - Understanding Learning styles and how we can maximise learning using this understanding
  • Active Learning - Methodologies to make teaching more interactive, involving & more meaningful
  • Designing & Organizing Learning -What to use where - to enable effective understanding and recall.
  • If they're laughing-they're learning - Effective strategies towards Using humour in classroom.
  • Understanding and working with Higher order thinking skills
  • Developing and using Creativity in learning
  • Language Development in Early Childhood / Middle School*
  • Using Story telling / doing in learning
  • Understanding Activity Design
  • Understanding Emotional needs of a child
  • Working with acceptance and Intentions, How children naturally operate.
  • Understanding and Developing high Self esteem
  • Facilitation Skills (Basic/Advanced)
Cost and logistics

We are presuming that you are here because you are closely associated with children. You know, how important it is to be with the child and feel happy about it, and not only this you want to continuously add value to your own Teaching or mentoring style.

Your Contribution would be Rs 12500/- per session (each of 2 to 3 hours) with no upper limit on number of participants. Included in this fee are:

  • A subsequent follow-up session (if required) on the same issue within a reasonable time period of 1 month.
  • You can avail unlimited follow up support on phone or through email within this period to have more insights about the topics.
  • For outstation schools/corporates (outside Delhi), the cost is Rs 17,000/- per day, (irrespective of number of sessions). Hence most schools / corporates maximise by planning more than one session.
  • For outstation schools/corporates Travel (air fare), local transport and lodging cost is extra and paid by you at actuals (arranged by them itself).
  • We also promote doing online sessions - these are equally effective with the benefit of saving on travel cost / time. If interested discuss this in more detail with us
Please note the following :
  • Workshops can be conducted on weekdays or on Saturdays separately. (Sundays are usually holidays 🙂
  • Workshops are typically of 3 hours - duration. Sometimes schools/coprporates ask for two workshops in one day, in this case the workshops are usually of 5 to 6 hours duration with appropriate breaks.
  • A typical workshop needs a minimum of 15 participants.

Contact us and we can work out a schedule which is mutually convenient.