Workshops For Parents


We are presuming that you are here because you are a parent. You know, how important it is to be with the child and feel happy about it, and not only this you want to continuously add value to your own parenting.

Parenting is the most important job of one’s life but for which one gets no training. And to make it worse, it is firmly believed that since our earlier generations not only managed but excelled in it without any formal guidance, there is really no need for any training.

But times are changing- today the environment is more democratic, whether parents agree or not, the new generation is getting more freedom than they ever got, mass media plays a more dominant role than ever and children are more aware and street smart. So they are required to be confronted with a different approach.

We at House of learning offer variety of approaches which parents may adopt to deal with their kids differently, and we are sure that these approaches will lead to lot of introspections and you will begin to seriously question your own parenting.

List of Topics

Here is a list of popular Parenting Workshops that we conduct.

  • Beyond Beliefs- We all behave the way we do out of our belief system. So lets challenge ourselves and unlock our conventional parenting style so that our children can embark on the journey of freedom.
  • Feelings- Children may forget what you say, children may forget what you did, what they don’t forget is how you made them feel.
  • Frames of mind- A workshop that focuses on understanding the potential of child and how to develop them.
  • Motivation- This session looks at understanding motivation with respect to how children naturally operate.
  • Self Esteem- Four approaches towards raising a child’s self esteem. Simple paradigm shift to lead to not only an empowered child, but also happier childhood.
  • Creativity- Open up your mind to open up your child’s mind.
  • Empowering- Confidence, Self Belief and Independence in Children; A workshop that focuses on understanding and developing the three pre-requisites of success.
  • Learning Styles- Understanding Learning styles and how we can maximise learning using this understanding
  • Thinking skills- Knowledge is passé - today's world demands people who possess higher order thinking skills like Analytical, Creative, Problem solving, decision making etc.
  • Learning Environment- If they are laughing, they are learning. A workshop on adding humour to learning.
  • Behaving so children behave- If we expect from our children to behave in a particular way, we need to believe that it very much comes from our own behaviours towards them.
  • Preparing Children Sexually- A workshop for parents on 'How to talk', 'What to talk' and 'How to prepare' your child for today's high exposure world.
Cost and Logistics

We are presuming that you are here because you are closely associated with children. You know, how important it is to be with the child and feel happy about it, and not only this you want to continuously add value to your own parenting style.

  • We do regular workshops at our centre please mail us to register yourself for the next upcoming workshop.
  • We also do workshops for different societies/complexes where
    • Each session would be of 2-3 hours
    • Your Contribution would be Rs 12500/- per session (each of 2 to 3 hours) with no upper limit on number of participants. Included in this fee are:
    • A subsequent follow-up session (if required) on the same issue within a reasonable time period of 1 month.
  • You can avail unlimited follow up support on phone or through email within this period to have more insights about the topics.
    Workshops are conducted by giving us a 2 weeks advance notice, on any working day – Monday to Saturday.