Training For Children

unnamedIn this competitive world, children are almost out of breath, literally running to achieve one or the other thing. At house of learning we lead them to treat life like a roller coaster. If they miss the whole FUN on the way, the achievements at end will be full of sighs.

Children enjoy a wide range of short term workshops at house of learning and during these learnings they catch more butterflies in their garden of learning than stars at the back of their hand, they collect more bruises on their knees than trophies in their living room and gain more learning in their mind than marks in their report card.

We give them the liberty and say  “Go Discover Yourself”.

All our workshops are designed with the understanding that each child can learn better in their most preferred intelligence which makes them learn the best.

So how do you teach your child?

Do you teach them the way you learned or can you customise and teach through your child’s intelligence?

If you want to understand more let your children have exposure to our special programs so that it becomes suddenly more fun for them to learn anything.

List of Topics :

  • Communicating is fun
  • Learning how to learn
  • Organising
  • Grammar & Communication https://viagrafrom…k/
  • Basic study manual
  • BEST(Beat Examination stress Thoroughly)

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