pCounselling for us is a way of communication and that too not with the child. We normally do not counsel children, we have found it much more effective and much better in the long run to rather guide the parents to counsel their child. Hence all the sessions start with parents. If we think it is required, we can meet or interact with the child later.

This session will be done by Sonal Ahuja, Founder of House of Learning, Director of Shri Ram Foundation school. She has been working with children of all ages and training parents and teachers since 2001.

During these sessions we would together workout a plan for you and your child. These sessions are initiated by your writing down all your concerns and issues as an email and sending it to us. Simultaneously we will fix the first session at a mutually convenient day and date. Let us know your convenient slot and dates based on the fact that both parents need to attend the same.

There are two ways of doing counselling sessions:-

  1. One to one over internet (Facetime or Skype or Webex) – there are obvious advantages of doing over internet – time flexibility, comfort of your home as well saving on travelling.
  2. However, if you prefer meeting face to face- then you can come to Shri Ram Foundation, D-13, Naveen Shahdara Delhi 110032.

A fee of Rs.1500 is charged in first session, including in this are:

  • All subsequent follow up sessions on the same issue within a reasonable time period of upto 3-5 months.
  • You can avail unlimited follow up support on phone or through email within this period.

All information and contents of discussion will be kept completely confidential.

Important: Parenting guidance sessions we hold are not to question you, but to make you reflect and explore different ways, it is to change the way you see and do, not to find any defect in your child or your parenting. Parenting guidance or counselling sessions are not advising sessions. They are EXPLORATION SESSIONS. They are LISTENING SESSIONS, You talk-Counsellor listens.

If you need one to one support you can contact us.