Core Team

Sonal Ahuja
Sonal Ahuja, calls herself "A Learning Evangelist because that’s what she is…a lifelong learner who passionately believes in the power of learning. Supporting effective learning itself is her life. She has diploma's in child psychology and educational psychology from the academy founded in Galway, Ireland, Also certified in TTT(Train the Trainer). She is running Shri Ram Foundation pre school since 13 years and regularly conducting trainings for teachers, parents & children. Join her as she explore ideas and ideals about learning, about parenting, about behaviours. There are exciting opportunities for engaging learners today, and it’s an exciting time to be engaged in the learning profession! She has conducted workshops on "Preparing against child abuse" in Delhi's major schools which has always been prioritised topic for her to speak on.
Dheeraj Ahuja
“Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you” is the philosophy he firmly believes in. Dheeraj is the Chief Ethics Officer with House of Learning. He empathizes with all, respect their thoughts, and assist them in discovering themselves. He is also the founder of Shri Ram foundation pre school. He uses his voice for kindness, ears for compassion, hands for charity, mind for truth & heart for love. He is the driving force behind the organization.
Komal Malhotra
Acc to her a brand isn’t what you say about yourself—it’s what others tells about you. Komal Malhotra, is the Chief Listening Officer with House of Learning. She has completed her Masters from Symbiosis Pune, also holder of diploma in International business operations.Prior to HOL she was working with Genpact as Management Trainee. Out of her passion towards exploring something new she joined us and the journey is on...
Vivek Arora
Vivek, a brilliant performer, uses his outstanding histrionic skills to provide a live experience for all his participants. He has diploma in counseling psychology , diploma in International Marketing from Middlesex Community College, USA and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Apeejay School of Management, Delhi, he is also a part of Repertory company at National School of Drama, New Delhi. Vivek has conducted workshops, trained over 35000 employees and consulted companies both in India and in the US. For his trainees, he creates an environment wherein they can visually perceive the problem and are able to relate to it. His training programs have a mass visual appeal which makes the training programs sustain for a long period. Vivek cares passionately about the people he works with and combines his solid experience and depth of expertise with a user-friendly approach.
Dr. Bhavna Barmi
Dr Bhavna is the Sr. Clinical Psychologist at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute New Delhi. She is also the founder member and the general secretary of Shwashrit (National NGO), which works for the free literacy and health of the underpriveleged . She did her masters in Clinical Psychology from Delhi University and is Ph D in Psychology along with an MPhil in medical and social psychology. She specializes in conducting Stress Management workshops and Life Style management Programs in India and Overseas. She has worked with over 100 schools nationally and lakhs of students in the areas of academic enhancement, stress management, personality development and sexual awareness . Her philosophy is to try to “reach, assist and care” for people by providing solutions to all their psychological problems with utmost satisfaction.
Dr. Yatinder Bhatnagar
Dr Yatinder Bhatnagar has been serving in the field of homoeopathic medicine 2000 and fulfilling his passion to work for betterment of society and homeopathy. After completing B.H.M.S from Jaipur M.P.K Homoeopathic College, he joined his father clinic and also started homoeopathic charitable clinics in Delhi. He has been awarded by various organizations for his work on Nano homoeopathy.
Sandeep Sehgal
Sandeep Sehgal is a senior journalist, working as an anchor and news lead with a channel.With his vast experience in journalism, he worked in close association with legal and administrative system and has seen the social problems vigilantly. His own experiences has become an inspiration for him to come up with his own NGO by the name Saakar. Perfection, Hard work, learning from failures, loyalty and persistence are some of his qualities that led to his success.